Flying Invisible Man – 14-Year-Old High Schooler

14 Year Old high Male- Height Challenges/Friends/Soccer

Listen, as this freshman in high school overcame the disadvantage of being short when playing his favorite sport.

In this episode of A Teen’s Perspective, host Dr. RJ Jackson is helping parents see the future. In this episode, Dr. RJ interviews a 14-year-old high school freshman, Flying Invisible Man. To start off, RJ asks Flying Invisible Man about his upbringing. Flying Invisible Man says that he had a
good and relatively non-eventful childhood. That changed for him when his family moved him to a new school in between elementary and middle school. The transition to this new school was initially pretty overwhelming and isolating; he defines this transition as even more difficult that the transition from middle school to high school. Even in the difficulty with the change between schools, Flying Invisible Man began to make friends who shared his love of soccer. When Flying Invisible Man was young his dad played professional soccer in Ecuador and he was able to pass on his love of the game to his son. Flying Invisible Man has played club soccer since he was seven-years-old and just recently switched to a new
club team that he and his parents believe will be the best place for him moving forward. From here, the conversation shifts to school work and academics. Flying Invisible Man enjoys school, but his parents want him to get the best grades possible. He shares that they keep a close eye out on his and his brother’s performance in the classroom and make sure that they are both making good grades and staying focused on school work.

One of the big challenges in Flying Invisible Man ’s life recently was when a big soccer try-out came around. He knew that he would be able to do his best, but was very nervous because he was trying out along side of seniors who were more experienced and taller then him. The try-outs consisted of a lot of drills, exercises and scrimmages where Flying Invisible Man was able to show his skill and experience. Even though he is shorter that most of his peers, he was able to look towards smaller soccer players who are excellent to learn how they create advantages based on their height. Through this hard work and dedication he was able to achieve his goal of making the team. He’s now able to be on a team with a lot of his school friends, rather than the rotation of new teammates that he was accustomed to in the club soccer realm.

Next, Flying Invisible Man shares his relationship with social media. In middle school, he created an Instagram account even though he suspected that his parents wouldn’t allow him to. After having the Instagram account for a few weeks, he got into a conflict with one of his friends through direct messages. Eventually, the conflict escalated so high that the principal at his school got involved. This has led his parents to have a strict no-social-media rule for him growing up. He’s hoping that by the time his sophomore year comes around that his parents will finally lift that rule. To close, Flying Invisible Man shares that people his age should be cautious who they hang out with, carefully choosing friends who they enjoy being around and who value them.

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