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Dr. RJ’s Coaching Program

Dr. RJ has an inherent ability to understand and influence teens with a systematic life coaching program. Here are some honest reviews of Dr. RJ from parents.

Dear Dr. RJ,

Your coaching program placed a strong emphasis on teaching valuable life skills such as responsibility, gratitude, and improved relationships with my daughter, Riley. While at first it appeared to be a modular program, it offers a structured framework that benefited my child in various ways.

In my personal viewpoint, the RJ Life Coaching Program, can be seen as an investment in your teen’s personal growth and development. Although the price may initially seem high, it’s important to consider the potential long-term benefits. It provides an opportunity for teens to work on improving their relationship with their parents and addressing household dynamics, which can be priceless in the long run.

I read some reviews from other parents stating that the program is overpriced, but it’s important to remember that the value of such coaching extends beyond monetary terms. It’s an investment in personal growth, improved family dynamics, and lifelong skills for teens and tweens. The insights gained from this program will undoubtedly have a lasting positive impact on how my husband and I raise our daughter.

Susan and David C (Parents of Riley)

Dear Dr. Jackson,

We started your course on October 10th, just a few weeks ago.  I also bought your new book and have been reading it.

My husband and I have done a better job of smiling around Claire. I have also improved by not using the double pain method you discussed.

I watched the Module 6 videos on being a coach to your child. If I could tell one thing to every parent in your course, I would tell them to watch the Module 6 videos as soon as they start the program and watch them again-excellent advice for parents.

As a result of my husband and I doing the things above and attending your Zoom parenting/coaching  classes, our relationship with our daughter has improved. Our relationship was already good with Claire, but it has improved in some areas. For example, Claire usually receives all A’s and is self motivated. She received 2 B’s last week and was very disappointed. Claire and I discussed the grades and strategized together how to bring them up.  I assured her that if a B is the best she can do, that is okay. She felt a lot better after we came up with a plan together to improve her grades.

She also seems to be happier and more confident. She seems to be more receptive to hearing my thoughts and my husband’s thoughts. She does not like to be told what to do but when we let her know it is time for dinner, we expect her to come to the table in a timely manner. She typically takes her time. She seems to be more receptive to us sharing with her that her not showing up at the table in a timely manner is disrespectful.

I am grateful I found you and your program. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. We look forward to improving our parenting skills and watching our daughter live out her full potential.

P.S. Claire looks forward to her classes with you every week.


Chris L (Claire’s mom)

Good morning,

We are in the initial stages of the Program and wanted to share a progress report.

Since introducing the concept of the program, our son has been open to participating.  I think it helped that we committed to getting coached ourselves and it wasn’t all about him.

He has done several modules and has listened in on a Sunday session live.  And together we have listened to a pre-recorded Sunday session.  Sundays are hard for him to attend in person due to timing but he has said he likes them.

We do see some changes already. He keeps his door open (!), and last night he hung out with me while watching TV and talked about his new interest in lacrosse.  Last week we were talking about whether to allow his new girlfriend to come over and I expressed some concern about them being alone in his room.  He turned the tables and said “what would RJ say..” which I thought was a good sign that he is actively engaged.

We haven’t had a blow up in a few weeks and we are cautiously optimistic!

This week we have set a goal to re-define “punishment” using criteria that he helps establish….and also to work on 1 layer of pain.

Thank you again for this program and for your passion to helping teens and their parents navigate this world together!

Is it possible to get module completion status reports or attendance reports for him?

Kind regards,

Kendall S


My son Ronen us showing progress!  He is more motivated to engage in activities on his own. He has started playing basketball with his friends and takes greater care in his appearance. He has become a self-starter with his homework and does it right away when he gets home.

He still groans and complains about watching the videos, but I think they are sinking in 🙂

Ronen A

My daughter listened to her first zoom 2 weeks ago and it was Dr. Adam. I’ve been meaning to write because I noticed the very next day she began making her bed before she left for school– I WAS FLOORED. It’s not something a would push her on particularly,  even though I would say please clean your bedroom and bathroom when you get ready to leave the house. I have chosen to pick and choose my battles and me being OCD is never something I expect of others. I did send her a text thanking her for making her bed and cleaning up on the second day when I noticed it appeared this might be a pattern…

At any rate, she is no longer making the bed, but her room hasn’t been too messy.

She had sent an email saying she wanted a 1 one 1 therapist to talk to, even though she said she will continue to listen on the zoom meetings. I in fact found one and on the intake paperwork it asked the child to give 5 adjectives to describe their mother and father (we’ve been divorced since she was 5 months and have a very cordial relationship- as well as me being remarried 4 years). For Mom she said: generous, pushy, neat, compassionate, frustrating.  For dad:fair, accepting,  grandiose delusion, hardworking and big-headed.

Bessie H